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The journal to read whether youre a mark ass trick or just a trick ass mark [entries|friends|calendar]
5 second rule...too late... oh well *eat*

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[08 Dec 2020|09:49pm]

if you want to get to know me this post should send you well on your way.

i stole this from



100 things about meCollapse )

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[24 Jun 2011|07:31pm]
I have spent a lot of time with my head in my hands lately.

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[22 Jun 2011|11:50pm]
i thought there was supposed to be a deadline for writing sad poems.

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[22 Jun 2011|10:29pm]
some things just aren't true anymore.
I incite riots of love and hate and its the only way.
a balance patch would be nice.

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[20 Jun 2011|04:26pm]
I made up my mind.
it has to be done.

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[20 Jun 2011|01:14am]
lets run away together you and I.

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[19 Jun 2011|01:21am]
2 more cycles till the promised land.

i dont know why i still feel this way. i guess i will have to find out when i face off against myself. what am i really made of?

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[18 Jun 2011|07:14pm]
maybe some day has become my mantra.

maybe some day.

maybe some day.

maybe some day.

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[18 Jun 2011|08:44am]
I have no compass or map when navigating your waters.
set adrift for months on a glassy surface.
This calm is deadly.

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[18 Jun 2011|01:48am]
Here is a riddle.

I want to get the thoughts in my head straight. crossed wires string me up and spin me right round baby right round. I feel things i have no right to feel. I look for things where there are none. I ruin a good thing with my touch alone. what am I?

Hell if I know.

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[17 Jun 2011|09:14pm]
Feast or famine. Feast or famine.
I just want to be in a comfortable position.
I thought I had a sure thing.

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[17 Jun 2011|04:15pm]
craving interaction but it feels like i am swimming in the deeps.
just how far does this go down.

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[17 Jun 2011|01:18am]
This thing only gets airplay when i am in the depths of my depression.
I cant fully divulge my emotions here.
I have begun to see a therapist.
I am going to talk to him next week about taking medications. is this cheat codes? i dont know. all i know is that when i start the downward trend i tend to spiral and i only ruin things further.

but anyways that is entirely too blunt for the likes of me.
i like my metaphors like i like my coffee. fast and loose.

albums get played, paused then skipped. some are just too close to home.
my heart is in love with jenny lewis' voice. mostly more adventurous.

- lets not forget ourselves good friend. you and i were almost dead.

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[16 Jun 2011|01:02am]
forget that last post.

i am taking a few days off away from people. i am just overloaded by them right now. thinking of extending my internet fast past this weekend. I might write in here though. i forgot how cathartic it is to spill your guts to a live studio audience.

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[14 Jun 2011|02:15am]
It is 2 am and my dog just woke me up. I let her out so many times last night and she still wanted to pee or poo or whatever the fuck.

now it is 2 am and i cannot sleep. my mind races and i wonder if i can ever get back to where i was 2 am a year ago. 2 am a year ago i can almost guarantee i was happy. 2 am 1 year ago i was where i always wanted to be.

2 am this year finds me struggling to come to terms with who i am.
2 am this year sees me worrying that i have lost what i have been wanting for 3 years.
2 am this year leaves me alone in my bed.

i am still looking for the path and i am worried none of them converge with yours.

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[07 Jun 2011|01:32am]
I feel like shit and god do i know it.
im exhausted.
and i am alone.

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[29 May 2011|05:31pm]
You never know what you will find in someones eyes. Some days you find a heart that you long for. Some days you see the end of all things.

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[14 Feb 2011|11:03pm]
i still feel like crying every time i visit my grandmother in the nursing home.
god the words nursing home still leave a foul taste in my mouth.
i know that we did not stick her in a nursing home because we want to.
we can't give her the care she needs at home.
it still makes me feel like i am letting her down.
every time i go there i wonder if she even knows who i am anymore.

(take the beaten path)

[14 Feb 2011|10:57pm]
i have been getting a lot of random ass comments. welcome to all you new people reading my journal i guess. you're going to have to add me to get to the good stuff.

not moving to the east coast.
girlfriend is moving here instead.
dog is already here and she is awesome.
these fish need to be fed i think.

goodnight turkeys.

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[14 Aug 2009|04:08am]
time for a livejournal friend cut!

lets not mince words. if i cut you it is probably because you are boring and full of yourself.

smell you later.

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